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Where Is The Best Motel In Seoul?

“Where is the best motel in Seoul?” That’s what everyone asks me every time they see me.

Ok not really. But whenever I imagine someone asking me that, I always give them rave reviews about the amazing Motel Aubeson!

The Motel Aubeson has everything I’ve ever wanted in a Korean love motel. Which, for me, actually isn’t much. But the stallion cream is a nice and thoughtful touch.

Stallion Cream!

Check out this slightly ridiculous video which explains how to find the Motel Aubeson from the Anguk station (line 3, stop 328) in Seoul.

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Love Motel vs. Tourist Motel

Upon initial consideration, you might think a tourist motel might be more desirable than a love motel for your sleeping needs, but actually we prefer Love Motels!

The tourist motel we stayed at in Geojedo had a lovely lobby and looked more Western to us; however, the motel was average at best. If you like to party in your own room, go to this motel! You don’t even have to bring your own music! There is a night club conveniently located in the basement and it rocked tunes that could be heard until 6am in our room.

It cost 66 000 won for a night in October, the hall ways were dingy and out-of-date, and our room was small and didn’t provide a lot of the amenities that we have come to expect in love motels. We did get soap that was individually packaged which was nice, and the seedy element of love motels that offer hourly rates was not an issue there; however, the love motel we stayed at in April offered most of the same ammenities (if not more) for 50 000. We found this to be true in Busan as well after staying in the two types of motels there. In the bigger cities, love motels can be quite swanky, our favourite is Motel Aubeson in Anguk dong in Seoul.

Some extras that love motels provide that we quite enjoy:

  • juices in a small fridge (my personal fav, who doesn’t like juice in their room!?)
  • coffee/tea
  • hot/cold water dispenser
  • pack of toiletries (face masks, cotton swabs, hair elastics)
  • computer with free internet access/movie selection
  • big flat screen TVs
  • bath tubs!
  • cell phone charger
  • assorted hair and body products
  • hair dryer
  • big bottles of shampoo/conditioner
  • robes! slippers!
  • Most of the above-mentioned bonuses are available at Motel Aubeson and we pay about 50 000 on weekends to stay there. I’d suggest you take a look at some love motel rooms. They are, in our experience, better value for your money. If anyone knows of a tourist motel worth staying at, let us know in the comments!!

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